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Our Vision

A world where every cancer patient receives equitable, high-quality care, regardless of financial status.

Our Mission

To promote equity in cancer care from prevention through survivorship, providing comprehensive support to patients and families facing the challenges of this life-threatening illness.

Who We Are

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The Alliance for CancerCare Equity (ACCE) is a registered charity in Canada dedicated to advancing equity in cancer care. We passionately believe that no individual should lose their life to cancer simply because they lack the financial means to afford treatment. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring that a patient's financial circumstances never dictate their chances of surviving a cancer diagnosis.

At Alliance for CancerCare Equity, we've embarked on an ambitious mission: to cover the costs of cancer treatment and related expenses for patients who lack the financial means to pay for their care. By doing so, we aim to alleviate the financial burden on families and empower patients to focus on their recovery journey without financial worry.

Join us in our quest to redefine cancer care. Together, we can ensure that every individual, regardless of their financial situation, receives the treatment they need to fight cancer and reclaim their future. Together, let's make life-changing compassionate care accessible to all who need it most.

Alliance for CancerCare Equity is promoting health and advancing equity in cancer care by...

  • Covering the expenses for the full spectrum of cancer treatments, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and associated costs, for patients in Ghana who lack the financial means to access adequate healthcare services.

  • Providing financial support for cancer treatments to uninsured and underinsured patients in Canada (Kitchener-Waterloo).

  • Assisting with the costs of essential, yet unfunded, medications for patients in Canada (Kitchener-Waterloo​).

If you are seeking financial assistance from ACCE for your cancer treatment, complete a Financial Assistance Form

  • Providing essential medical equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer in non-profit community healthcare centers

  • Offering access to supportive networks and counseling services for patients with cancer and their families

  • Conducting vital research into cancer and other diseases to advance understanding and management in both Canada and Ghana.

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